Female Pit Bull And Male Chihuahua Become Best Friends At Animal Shelter And Refuse To Be Adopted Separately

Date January 23, 2019

Ever heard of a pit bull striking a friendship with a chihuahua, which is at least four times smaller? Well, we have, and we are about to share the amazing story with you.

Merill and Taco didn’t seem to have anything in common. Taco the Chihuahua was an older male, aged about eight years, at the time of adoption in 2015, while Merill the pit bull was at least three years old.

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Merill was also considerably bigger, but it didn’t stop the pair from forging an unbreakable bond.

The two dogs met at Rocket Dog Rescue Shelter, where they had each been brought in for different reasons.

Merill was suffering from a uterine infection that experts worried would claim her life, while Taco was battling asthma and a dental disease that had robbed him of all his teeth except 4.

It was believed that they each had been surrendered to the shelter because of their health issues. However, they soon found hope and love in each other, becoming fast friends.

Their friendship was most evident when Merill had surgery. Taco determinedly stuck by her side all through the recovery period.

Whenever they were separated for any reason, they would whimper until they were reunited.

Some time into their stay at the shelter, a family came by to adopt Merill, but she would not leave without Taco.

She kept crying until Taco was listed with her in the adoption information and they were adopted together. 

Finally, the best friends could live out their days in a happy, caring home. Unfortunately, a dark cloud arose in the horizon.

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A month after their adoption, Taco was diagnosed with heart failure. His heart was abnormally large, and fluid had collected around his lungs.

The family prepared for the worst, but to everyone’s utter surprise, Taco still had some fight left in him.

He recovered from the heart problem but was placed on regular medication to manage his respiratory issues.  

For a few more years the dogs enjoyed a wonderful home, but in May 2018, their adoptive family announced on Facebook:

“Taco has passed away. He was a huge presence packed into a small package. When we adopted him, we thought we would get a year. We got three. We feel so lucky to have had him join our family.”

The family reported that Merill had been distraught but was taking it in good stride as time passed.

True friendship transcends being alike physically. We all should learn from this unlikely pair of friends.

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