Animal Shelter Turns Things Around For Giant Wolf-Dog Who Was Neglected By Owner And Left To Be Put Down

Date March 7, 2019

Wolf-dogs are a wonderful breed of canines. They are born when a dog and a wolf mate. Not only do they inherit the instincts, social abilities and sharp intelligence of wolfs but also their strength.

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This is usually why their owners easily abandon them, or people rarely want to adopt them. This was the case of Yuki, 120 lbs dog who is 87.5 % gray wolf, 8.6 % Siberian husky and 3.9 % German shepherd.

A family purchased Yuki from a breeder when he was young. However, at eight months old, his owners felt he was growing up too fast for their pace, and instead of doing the right thing, they abandoned him at a kill shelter.


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Thankfully, things turned around for Yuki when the Shy Wolf Sanctuary came to his aid and rescued him from the shelter.

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Yuki gained worldwide prominence when a staff member at the sanctuary, Brittany Allen,  took a photo of him and uploaded it to Instagram. Many people believed the picture was photoshopped, but Brittany shared more photos to clear away their doubts.


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Having lived in Shy Wolf Sanctuary for almost ten years, Yuki now bears the nickname ‘Woo-Woo’ because of the sound he makes when the cage keepers are approaching.

Unfortunately, Yuki was diagnosed with cancer and has little time left.

We are grateful to the Shy Wolf Sanctuary for giving Yuki a second chance at life. No animal deserves to be abandoned. Pet owners need to do better and take responsibility for the animals they bring into their homes.

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