Street Dog Is Blessed With Kindness From Strangers Who Gave Him Food And Shelter: What To Do When We Come Across An Abandoned Dog


November 2, 2018 11:51 By Mambee

Animals are seldom seen as living beings who may be in need of help and love. That is a hard truth for animal lovers to accept, and they find it inconceivable that people would see an animal in dire need of love and care and, yet, turn their backs. 

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Well, about 8 million dogs and cats make it to shelters annually in the USA alone, but over half of them don’t make it out because no one adopts them.

The Stray Dog Survey, in the U.K., has shown that over 47,000 dogs have been abandoned at council pounds within a year, while $1 billion are spent yearly to put homeless animals down in the USA.

However, despite these alarmingly high numbers, two women have shown that you can’t judge people based on statistics.

An abandoned dog is transformed with the help of two women

He was just another dog that no one took notice of on the streets of Peru. Every day, people passed by him while he stood by traffic, looking rejected and hungry.

He was so skinny that his ribs were sticking out. His fur had fallen out as though he had been exposed to some radiation. 

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This did not deter Bianca and Joyci. The fantastic pair willingly took the dog in and showered him with love. It did not matter that he was not the typical cute and cuddly kind of dog that owners happily flaunt.

They recognized that he needed a home and that was what they offered, and they gave him a name: Ojitos. 

It took a while, but Ojitos was nursed back to health. Soon, the emaciated look disappeared, his fur grew back and turned out to be whitish, casting off the dirty and unhealthy appearance he once had.

Ojitos made friends with other dogs and bonded with the angels that had rescued him. He looked nothing like the abandoned dog who once lived on the streets and seemed to be waiting for death.

What can you do to help an abandoned pet?

Are you moved by this story and wondering how you can help? You can start by:

1. Taking good care of your pets as an example to others;

2. Gathering knowledge and learning about the signs of animal abuse;

3. Reporting animal abuse or neglect to the authorities;

4. Volunteering at an animal sanctuary;

5. Starting or taking part in a fund-raiser to help abandoned animals;

6. Adopting an animal;

7. Fostering animals if adoption is a little too much for you;

8. Campaigning against animal abuse and raising awareness through social media and any other means available to you;

9. Put safety first when trying to catch a stray;

10. Check the laws to know who to contact when you notice animal abuse or abandonment.

As animal loving people, we don't want to agree that somebody would decide to intentionally hurt an animal, but animal cruelty is still more common in society than one might think

Will you help an abandoned animal today? 

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