18-Year-Old Boy Takes Deserted Puppy Home Only To Find Out It Is Actually A Wolf

Date July 12, 2019 02:01

It's difficult for animal lovers to see a stray and not do something about it. This was how an 18-year-old boy from Arizona felt when he spotted an abandoned puppy in a shopping cart while at the mall.

Touched by the animal's plight, he begged his parents that he wanted to take home the fluffy animal he thought to be a German Shepherd.

The moment they got home, the thrilled boy named the creature Neo and tried to teach the creature to adjust to domestic life.

However, Neo found it challenging to adapt. He was especially needy and wanted his owner to be by his side every second.

Other times, he would get moody and anxious and not relate to anybody in the house. But that wasn't a big problem.

Like most pets, Neo went through potty training, and once again he faltered.

As time passed, the family realized that Neo grew at an abnormal rate. He was unusually large as compared to other dogs, and they began to suspect that he wasn't an ordinary puppy.

He also wreaked a lot of havoc in the house, and that was when they decided to find him a new home.

Neo was taken to the Humane Society Arizona and the animal rescue CEO, Maureen O'Nell, immediately knew he wasn't a regular dog.

While speaking to The Dodo, Maureen said:

"I saw a couple walking a long-legged canine to the front door. It wasn't his body composition that made me notice, but his behavior. Neo was completely avoidant of human interaction."

They soon deciphered that Neo was a wolf-dog, with most of his genes leaning more towards the wolf side. The Humane Society then contacted Wolf Connection to find a suitable home for Neo.

Now, Neo is having a great time with fellow wolves at the Wolf connection. He has made lots of friends and isn't afraid of interacting with people anymore.

Although the family didn't know Neo was a wolf, their kind act was the means through which the lovely creature was saved and now enjoys a happy life. Hopefully, this story teaches us to be more open to animals.

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