Chasky The Rabbit Offers A Helping Paw As He Rescues Cat Friend Locked In A Shed

Date October 5, 2018

If you were ever against getting pets, this video may definitely change your mind about it. It is amazing what these animals would do for their owner, and even more astonishing is what they would do for one another. Chasky, a medium-sized white rabbit with brown patches, has proved that friendship sees no color, no faith, well, no species. The bunny did something amazing to get his friend, 'Pelu', the cat from his cage.

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undefinedConejo rescata a su amiga gatita / YouTube

Little Chasky saw that Pelu was trapped in a shed, but instead of walking away, he thought up a genius solution to rescue his friend. Chasky was seen poking his nose under the cage, at first to see his friend, but then he begins digging. The rabbit can be seen digging with full force before stopping every once in a while to sniff out his friend and check if the hole is wide enough.

But that wasn't all. The main thing Chasky did, which captured the attention of many people, was when he started to push the sand back, spreading it all over the place to make more room. Now, that is some amazing level of intelligence for Chasky the Rabbit.

undefinedConejo rescata a su amiga gatita / YouTube

He did this for a few minutes, constantly digging, shoving and spreading the sand across the area, and sniffing on Pelu.

Pelu, on the other hand, just kept stretching his legs out from under the cage. Well, no worries for him. He has got a super friend.

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Chasky finally managed to dig deep enough for Pelu to come out, and the cat who seemed shy at first, came out easily. It was really outstanding.

undefinedConejo rescata a su amiga gatita / YouTube

Chasky had beaten his owner at his own game, and he could literally be referred to as the Houdini of rabbits.

The video ends with adorable Chasky laying down to rest from all the effort he put into rescuing the cat.

This clip became an internet sensation instantly and it reminds us of how much true friendship matters, and how far the ones that really care are willing to go for us.

Surely, Pelu would be hoping to pay back the good deed sometimes soon. But as for Chasky, we can only say kudos!

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