Mommy Chimpanzee Wins People's Hearts By Playing A Familiar Game We All Know With Her Baby

Date October 5, 2018

As time goes by, it seems as though more and more animals are determined to show that they are not very different from humans in many aspects.

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undefinedTai Chimpanzee Project / YouTube

We all recall the games we used to play as children. Playtime was one of our favourite times back then because it gave us an avenue to jump, shout, and run around as we wished.

It gave us a chance to spend the excess energy that we all had as a child. One game in particular, which children all over the world have always played both with their parents and their friends, is the one known as ‘airplane.’

Do you remember airplane?  One party, usually the stronger one, lies on their back with arms and legs stretched in such a way that the other can lie on top, and ‘fly like a plane.’

undefinedTai Chimpanzee Project / YouTube

As it turns out, humans are not the only ones who loved the idea of being suspended like a plane - animals do too.

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A recent video recorded in Africa shows a mother chimpanzee playing this beloved childhood game with her baby and it is simply heartwarming.

The video was captured by one of the observers at the Ivory Coast Tai Chimpanzee Project. The mother chimp is seen lying on her back while the baby is suspended with its limbs in the air.

undefinedTai Chimpanzee Project / YouTube

The baby chimp is clearly having the time of its life as it swings its arms every which way while being bounced by the mother.

Experts will be quick to point out that we share more with these chimps than a game of ‘airplane.’ They are known to establish intricate social behaviours and structures.

These attributes are geared toward establishing trust, conquering anxiety, and building relationships.

At the end of the video, which has been viewed over 400,000 times on YouTube, the doting mother brings the baby to her chest and snuggles it. Wow.

Oh, let's play airplane, too!

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