Authorities Save Bear Whose Head Was Stuck In Jar For Three Days And Release It Back To The Woods As Its Family Watched On

Date November 14, 2018

A day is usually regular until the weirdest thing happens and then it just becomes an unforgettable day.

This was the case for Paul Morris, who was enjoying a beautiful day out in his yard when he suddenly noticed a mama bear and her two little cubs staring at him.

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Not knowing what else to do, he brought out his phone to video them, but this made them run away. It was then that Morris noticed something strange about one of the little cubs: it had a plastic jar stuck on his head.

How awful! Maybe the reason the bears came out to Morris was a cry for help.

Knowing he had to alert the authorities who could save the cub's life, he called the Maryland Department Of Natural Resources.

The authorities followed up on the case and tracked down the endangered cub. The search took the authorities three days as it proved difficult to locate it and its family.

The MDNR had to team up with the Maryland Natural Resources Police to tranquilize the 100-pound cub and carefully remove the jar.

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The teams worked hard to save the life the cub, who didn't have much longer to live if he remained stuck in the jar.

This they did successfully and then released it back into the woods to enjoy the rest of its animal life with its family.

Thankfully, it was a successful operation as the black bear is an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act in the United States. The black bear can be found in 40 states in the US  and also in parts of Mexico and Canada.

The removal of the jar from the bear cub by the authorities got a lot of cheers and applause as pictures and videos went online.

Onlookers gathered and were happy to see the cub released back into the woods, joyous and free.

We commend the efforts of the authorities for a job well done. And also kudos to Paul Morris for alerting the authorities instead of looking the other way - an attribute we should all emulate.

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