Pitbull Mom Abandoned At The Shelter Is Reunited With Her Puppies, And The Way She Reacts Is Tear-Jerking

Date November 6, 2018

You may not be much of an animal lover, but certain stories have a way of tugging at the heart's strings - even when the lead character is a dog.

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In December 2015, a forlorn Pitbull mix was taken to a Canadian shelter. Her 'rescuer' passed her off as a stray.

Her name was Noelle, and she was so severely underfed that her ribs were sticking out. It was apparent that she had been abused, but what was more compelling were her full breasts. It was evident that she had recently given birth. This raised the question of where her puppies were.

This story drew the attention of K9 Crusaders, an animal rescue group which proceeded to take Noelle into their care.

Noelle was withdrawn, with signs of depression and anxiety, most likely as a result of the sudden separation from her babies.

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Soon, some digging into the whereabouts of Noelle's babies got a hit. An online buy-and-sell platform had an advertisement about puppies for sale - puppies that strangely looked a lot like Noelle.

Luckily, there was another photo in which Noelle was seen nursing the puppies. The ad claimed that the mother had died and so the puppies needed new homes. 

Further investigation into the seller's profile revealed that it was none other than the 'rescuer' who had dropped Noelle at the shelter, most likely her owner!

The next hurdle was getting the puppies off his hands and back to their mother.

Following the authorities' advice, 8 out of 9 puppies (1 had already been sold) were bought.

Driving all the way from Cobourg to Montreal in the middle of the night, Carolyne, of Pound Paws, got the pups across to their mother. The reunion was remarkable.

In a Facebook video posted on January 5, 2016, K9 Crusaders shared the touching moment when Noelle was reunited with her lost puppies.

She nuzzled the babies as they stretched up towards her. The affection was unmistakable.

The pups had been about 5-6 weeks old, too young to be separated from their mother, but, after the reunion, Noelle and her eight little ones were safely settled with a new family.

Now, we can wipe our tears, celebrate the beauty of love in all species, and do our best to fight against the repetition of such a cruel act. Everyone deserves love!

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