Bear Abandoned In Dumpster And Suffering From Severe Skin Infections That Left Her Hairless Makes Impressive Recovery One Year Later


January 10, 2019 11:28 By Mambee

Humans are meant to be essentially good creatures, but not all specimens exhibit that vitalquality. From abandoning animals to abusing them, it is genuinely saddening what some people can do, forgetting that these beings also feel pain, have emotions and needs, too.

On Christmas Eve, 2017, a California black bear was found in a dumpster at Placer County by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, and taken to The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center.

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The heart-breaking part was the state the bear was in: She looked nothing like a bear at all. She was entirely without fur due to a terrible case of mange and had crusty scabs spread over her body. She was also unfed so was suffering from stunted growth.

The cub was named Eve because of the day of she rescued, and placed in a nest furnished with toys that she could use for entertainment. It was apparent that her journey to wellbeing was going to be torturous.

She was given baths and medication to take care of the mites. About a week later, a video of Eve warming up to her new environment was posted by The Humane Society of the United States, along with a call for donations to take care of her.

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By July, patches of fur were beginning to grow back on the poor animal’s body; the mange was gone, and she had gained some pounds. However, she was still fighting off skin infections so she had to remain on medication.

With time, it became clear that Eve would most likely not make it back to the wild. Citing her poor health and lack of adequate fur to protect her against the elements and the wildfires that have been ravaging California, the Society explained that she would have to be kept in human love and care for life, in a specially designed facility in Texas, Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch.

They wrote on Facebook:

“Eve will remain here in our care, while we work together to raise funds for a state of the art, large habitat that Eve can forever call home. We know it won’t be easy or inexpensive — it already costs us close to $500 every week just to care for her here — bears aren’t cheap house-guests; they’ll literally eat you out of house and home! :-)”

Meanwhile, Eve has made a startling recovery, looking more and more like the gorgeous bear that she is. We hope she makes a full return to good health soon!

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