Innocent Pup Who Was Neglected By A Heart-Broken Woman Was Finally Rescued

Date October 18, 2018

A bad break up is something that may bring out the worst in people.

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No one ever wants to hear: ‘I don't want to be with you anymore,’ or ‘I don't want you,’ especially from someone we love and have deep feelings for. So,we tend to be pissed, lash out, cry, sob and eat a lot of ice cream. 

At least, that's how normal people deal with bad breakups. Meet Elizabeth James, who left her ex's puppy tied up without food or water for months after her the man left her and her house.   

Dogs, much like humans, require constant food and water, and they also crave love and pampering. Elizabeth had decided to starve this poor dog of all the love and care she stopped receiving from her former boyfriend, as if the animal as responsible for her heartbreak somewhow. 

Mind you, Elizabeth did not simply "forget" to feed poor Champ, but deliberately deserted him while she kept on feeding and attending to her own dogs. What cruelty! 

Champ is a 16-month old masta-miff mix with dark brown fur and expected to weigh 110lbs at that age. However, at the time he was found and rescued, Champ was weighing 50lbs, had pale gums, low blood cell count and maggots all over his body.

It is baffling to think of the kind of inhumane treatment and neglect that could have led to this. In August, the Laurens County Sheriff’s Office of South Carolina heard about the cruelty being lashed on Champ from the County’s Animal Control office.

New York City-based ‘Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’ learned about Champ’s horrendous situation through a Facebook post on Aug. 14 and, by the next day, the rescue was in contact with Laurens County Animal Control.

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Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’s co-founder, Jacquelyn O’Sullivan, tells that since they had worked successfully with Laurens County Animal Control in the past, they were able to quickly get the dog under their care.

Champ’s recovery story has brought about a lot of uproar amongst dog lovers, and it has gained a lot of support and raised awareness about dog cruelty all over the internet.              

The Laurens County Sheriff’s Office says that James was arrested for animal cruelty and booked at the Laurens County Detention Center on August 16. James had her bond hearing the following day and reportedly paid her $15,000 bond. 

Champ is recovering little by little, day after day. It will take months for him to get back to his ideal weight, O’Sullivan says, adding that, even with a long road ahead, Champ is still an 'amazingly sweet' pooch.

O'Sullivan says once Champ reaches full recovery, he will be placed in a forever home as they have already had requests from loving homes to have him.

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Support Champ’s road to recovery and help other dogs rescued from abuse, visit ‘Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’ and Champ’s Facebook page ‘Justice for Champ’.

We wish Champ a full recovery and love and adoration from his new family.