Helpless Dog Found With Heart Wrenching Note On Her Collar

Date October 16, 2018

Dogs are amazing animals; they are always there for you and never leave your side. It is sad, then, to find out that these sweet creatures are still being put through the worst conditions imaginable nowadays.

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Hard times are no excuse for abandoning your duties to these beautiful pets, and so when the story of Ghost, a 6-month-old purebred coonhound, made its way to the internet, it was heart-wrenching.

Ghost was found wandering the busy streets of West Michigan. She had no home to return to, no food and was abandoned by her owner.

Fortunately, she was found by a local animal rescue group, Luvnpopz, and they offered her shelter. While going through her things, the rescue group found a collar which explained the reason she was abandoned. The message read;

"I am lost and looking for a home. My owner had a stroke and cannot care for me. Please don't take me to a shelter. I am a purebred coonhound, 6 months old, please find a home."

The rescue group went on a hunt to find her owner, but they have been unsuccessful so far. In the quest of finding Ghost a home and a new family, the rescue group released a statement on their Facebook page asking for anyone who has information about the dog.

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The shelter will do all it can to find Ghost's owner, but if they can't, they'll find her a new home.

So, what would you do if you find yourself in the same situation?

It's wrong to just decide to jump to the rescue, as precautions have to be taken, for your own safety and the dog's.

If you ever find a Ghost someday, the first thing to do is to approach in the calmest way possible. We don't want to scare this little creature now, do we?

Avoid looking them straight in the eyes, as this often spooks them. When you get the dog to trust you, the next thing is to look for identification, maybe a name tag or an old prescription tag, anything could be useful.

When that's done, you might think you've found a new friend and decide to rush them home, but that's not a really smart idea. A visit to the vet should be the next thing on your mind.

Finally, put the word out. Not all lost puppies are abandoned, some are just lost and need to find their way back home. Make sure you know as much as you can before making that lost dog your own pet.

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If you can't keep them, then make that journey to the shelter as fast as possible.