Woman Rescues Freezing Abandoned Dog Left In The Cold With Heartbreaking Note That Said He Needed Love

Date December 13, 2018

Dogs are amazing creatures. Their selflessness and enviable companionship are the reasons they have been regarded as man's best friend, and admittedly, we are glad to have these animals in our lives.

Despite this truth, many pet owners abandon their furry friends. Duke was another innocent soul left on his own.

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Woman Rescues Freezing Abandoned Dog Left In The Cold With Heartbreaking Note That Said He Needed Lovel i g h t p o e t /

It was a cold Sunday morning, and neighborhood resident Stephanie Dagenhart decided to take her dogs for a walk. As she walked past the park, she noticed something strange: There was a dog chained to a tree and, surprisingly, no one was there with him.

Stephanie waited to see if someone would come by, but nobody did. Then, she moved closer and discovered the poor dog was shivering.

He was cold and terrified. She was still in shock when she noticed a note, which read:

"This is Duke; he has his favorite toy, his crate, and his food, and he needs a new home and someone to love him.”

It was then she realized that the poor dog had been abandoned by his owner, and was left there in hopes that someone would find him.

She immediately dialed 911 and stayed with him as animal rescue came to get him. While waiting for help, she posted his picture to the neighborhood Facebook group, but no one claimed ownership.

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The Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS) got to the scene and immediately got Duke. After that, he was taken to the shelter, where he was provided comfort while they started the search for his new home. Workers said he was scared at first, but warmed up to them after a while.

Fortunately, Duke was adopted by Army Specialist Wallace White less than three days after he was brought into the shelter. 

The military man was surprised to find out he had adopted a celebrity dog, and they bonded almost instantly.

We're glad things turned out well for Duke, but not every dog is so lucky. Deacon, one of Duke's rescuers, stated that you don't have to abandon your dog, even if you can't afford to keep them.

Surrendering them to the shelters is a better alternative, and makes finding them a new home easier. Well, good luck to Duke on his new journey and thanks to everyone that helped get this amazing lad off the street.

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