Woman Saved One Dog From Being Euthanized Not Knowing She Was Actually Saving More Lives The Dog Delivered 18 Pups Two Weeks Later

Date January 23, 2019

A mother always has a wonderful soul. Her instincts are filled with love, care, and compassion

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Ashlee Holland isn't only a mother. She is also a proud lover of dogs who does all she can to care for the pups around her.

In her words:

”It’s kind of always been a passion I’ve had. I’ve always wanted to rescue. It’s instinct.”

Ashlee ’s instinct kicked in when she met Ava, a pregnant golden chow mix. She knew she had to save Ava’s life.

Ava was on the euthanasia list to make space for other animals in the shelter. She was expecting a new life, but hers was about to be put to an end.

Ashlee immediately got into action: She adopted Ava and took her away from death’s grip.

She took her to the veterinarian to get a checkup and x-ray. However, Ava’s expected number of pups couldn't be determined.  

Two weeks later, Ava went into labour. Her first pup came within a few hours. In the next hour, she had four more; two hours later, two more beautiful puppies popped out.

A total of seven of puppies were born!

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With Ava’s contractions coming to an end, Ashlee thought Ava was done and went ahead to clean her up and change the bedding.

She then went to bed, leaving the new mother to care for her pups.

The next morning, Ashlee was in for a pleasant surprise: Ava had given birth to eight more puppies! And in the time it took Ashlee to get her children ready for school, she delivered three more.

Ashlee couldn’t believe her eyes, she said:

”It’s heaven”  

Her nine-year-old son named the pups after Kansas City Royal players, whom he is a huge fan of.  

The pups have all found loving homes and Ashlee will forever live in the knowledge that she saved not one but nineteen lives!

Here's a huge "Well done, Ashlee!" Her kind soul is a blessing to animals in need of someone to care for them. We hope more people can be like Ashlee.

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