Appalling: Human Society Rescues About 700 Dogs From Hoarding Conditions In Georgia


March 8, 2019 11:13 By Mambee

The number of animal cruelty cases that are reported every day in the US is shocking and unbelievably high.

Even more saddening is that about half of the animal cruelty cases never get reported, and such animals live out their days in pain and neglect.

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Animal hoarding is also a type of animal abuse, and it can be as severe as physical abuse because it affects them physically and psychologically.

About 250,000 animals fall victim to animal hoarders and about 1000 new cases are reported every year. These numbers are staggering, and there needs to be an intervention.

700 dogs rescued from a puppy mill

A puppy mill is a large-scale commercial dog breeding operation that puts their priority on profit first rather than on the health of the puppies.

It was in one of such extreme situations that about 700 puppies were just recently rescued in Atlanta, Georgia.

According to the Atlanta Humane Society, all the animals were living in tiny crates stacked one over the other, and they had never been walked or held in their lives.

All the dogs had matted fur, which was covered in feces, and some of them were in such horrible condition that they required immediate medical attention.

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Release Atlanta, an NGO dedicated to saving dogs, was also involved in the rescue and they said in a Facebook post that:

“These dogs were living in filthy conditions and have had zero vetting. Many have medical issues and injuries.”

There is still no word on any arrest or charges concerning the puppy mill case. However, both Release Atlanta and Atlanta Humane Society are calling on people to make donations to help save these dogs.

What to do if you come across a neglected dog

You must first try to find the owner of the dog and, if this fails, take the dog to a vet. A thorough examination is required, and the dog probably needs to be vaccinated, too.

Try to talk to your vet about how well to take care of dogs and cater to both their physical and emotional needs.

In case you found yourself no longer willing to have a pet, you should take it to a no-kill shelter. Never abandon an animal.

These creatures are too special to face the horrible conditions abandonment leads them to. 

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