Great Discovery: Gigantic Tortoise Thought To Be Extinct For A Hundred Years Identified In Western Ecuadorian

Date February 21, 2019

Science is a world of discovery. It is fascinating how researchers begin their findings on theoretical experiments and end it with accurate facts.

The part of science which deals with animals, zoology, has made its most recent discovery, namely the identification of one of the major animals believed to be extinct for a hundred years. It was found in the region of Galapagos, Western Ecuador.

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The information regarding the latest findings, an adult female Fernandina Giant Tortoise, was disseminated by Ecuador's Minister of Environment, Marcelo Mata.

Mata made the announcement via his Twitter account, and added pictures of the recently-found humongous tortoise next to the one specimen discovered in 1906.

The tortoise, which was rare because Europeans and other colonists at Galapagos archipelago hunted most of them for meat, was found on the island of Fernandina.

However, recent volcanic eruptions threaten the few remaining giant tortoises.

Galapagos Park authorities and the Galapagos Conservancy group were at the vanguard of the expedition, and members of the groups observed the gargantuan tortoise.

Forrest Galante, the leader of the troupe, went as far as a three-mile-long distance of rocky lava flow where he discovered the animal covered by a chunk of a bush.

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Animal Planet funded this expedition for an upcoming documentary series titled 'Extinct or Alive.’ Forrest said

“She's the rarest tortoise, if not animal, in the entire world and one of the largest discoveries in the Galapagos in the last century.”

Photos of the rare animal reveal that she has a gigantic body, unlike the normal tortoise, and a pink muzzle.

Asides from the fact that her shell is smooth, nothing else has been revealed.

Despite the conditions she was found in, the enormous old tortoise survived and will now make history.

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