What A Peculiar Friendship! See The Heart Melting Moment A Service Dog Comforts His Sick Little Friend

Date November 26, 2018

There is nothing more pleasant than having a true friend, someone understands one's needs perfectly.

For 9-year-old James Isaac and his black Labrador companion, named Mahe, it is a ride or dies affair, as they are by each other's side at all times.

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James is an autistic boy who couldn’t speak and cringed from touch and eye contact, either from family members or strangers.

However, he connected with Mahe perfectly. Mahe is a service dog trained by the Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust, and she helps James to stay calm and also keeps him from harm.

The duo created a heart-melting moment when James underwent an MRI scan at the Willington’s Children Hospital.

James, who had been having seizures, needed the MRI scan to detect its causes. As he underwent general anesthetic, Mahe was visibly worried and kept nuzzling his friend to give him comfort.

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Along the line, Mahe was separated from James to enable him to undergo the proper treatment. The dog then switched focus to calm James’ mother, Mitchell, who was dismayed by her son's condition.

Recounting how difficult life was for James before Mahe, Mitchell explained that her son was never at ease whenever the family went out to a café, for instance.

He gets nervous and does not want to be in public places. Things took a turn for the better when Mahe came into his life.

James will sit and wait for the family to finish their coffee with Mahe by his side, keeping him calm.

Mahe also helps to keep James safe as the dog is always attached to the boy by a tether. This makes it impossible for James to wander far about or run into busy roads.

Mahe, who has been specially trained, will sit down and not move to save her friend from walking into harm.

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend!

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