How Beautiful: Pianist Plays For Troubled Elephant And She Cries

Date October 9, 2018

Music is often referred to as food of the soul, getting us through our darkest moments  and keeping us calm in trying times.

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How Beautiful: Pianist Plays For Troubled Elephant And She CriesPaul Barton / YouTube

It's amazing to know that humans are not the only living beings to be affected: Animals get to share in the joy of beautiful melodies as well. This can be seen as a pianist, Paul Barton, helped calm the nerves of an 80-year-old elephant with his music.

Relieving her of the pain for that moment, Paul, who always had a thing for adventures decided to try something new. Thailand was his latest destination, and he planned to spend a few months there - three to be precise.

But a life full with its uncertainties found him a new mission. It was during his stay there he found a wonderful woman, Khwan, and made her his wife.

How Beautiful: Pianist Plays For Troubled Elephant And She CriesPaul Barton / YouTube

Khwan, who is a wildlife activist, got Paul involved and he got to see what these helpless animals were going through.

The country had gone through a serious period of deforestation, as the world's demand for teak timber seemed insaciable and it led to the ravaging of its forests and the constant killing of wildlife.

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Heavy duty animals, such as elephants, were kept and often used for transportation, but by the time a ban was put in place to stop the horror, the damage had already been done.

Countless animals had been killed and the ones remaining were left helpless, certain of painful death. But thanks to the kind efforts of people like Khwan and Paul, these animals now have a second chance.

The first time Paul played the piano for an elephant, it was nothing but chance. He later realised, however, how much his little act of kindness gave these creatures hope.

In a recent video, which was uploaded on his page on YouTube, Paul can be seen playing for an 80-year-old elephant - one whose life had been tough and painful life, as she has lost one eye. 

The video begins with Paul patting her on her head, and it's quite beautiful to see how she just stands there, clearly enjoying the moment. He then played a beautiful piece, ‘Claire De Lune,’ and the animal's reaction was astonishing.

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How the littlest of our efforts can bring animals so much joy!

Paul played on for a few minutes and she flapped her ears and curled her trunk. No doubt, it certainly gave her joy. 

This heartwarming clip ended with a warm embrace between the elphant and Paul. An amazing sight to behold!