This Is Amazing: A Woman Shares Picture Of Her Maine Coon Cat. Look How Big It Is!

Date March 27, 2019

It's a beautiful day out, you're taking a walk, and you see a woman taking her cute cat for a stroll, you think, aww, so cute.

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But then what do you do if the cat is almost the owner's height, we mean, standing on all fours. Impossible? Well, not really.

A cat owner has taken to Instagram to share photos of her and her majestic Maine coon, who in the pictures looks almost as big as the cat owner.

Owners of these breed of cats are usually very proud of their pets, ready to show them off whenever and wherever and to whoever is prepared to listen and admire.

This particular Maine Coon owner has created an Instagram account for her not so little pet. 

The account with name @Lotus_the_mainecoon has over 91,000 followers; this is so much more than most of us can brag.

The account features various beautiful pictures of the cat with its owner.

Lotus is cream in color, very furry and incredibly adorable, who wouldn't love to follow its everyday journey? Lotus is one very fantastic cat that has sure stolen our hearts!

The Maine Coon Cat is one of the most domesticated breeds of cat in the world, they have a distinctive physical appearance, its intelligence, they can be really playful and they also possess valuable hunting skills which makes them special in a way.

These breeds of cat are quite expensive and are known to be one of the oldest natural cats breeds in North America.

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