Cruel Owners Cover 4-Week-Old Kittens With Permanent Markers And It's Heartbreaking


November 26, 2018 18:42 By Mambee

These poor cats were only four weeks old when they became victims of their owner's cruel abuse. Even though this is heartbreaking, it happens more commonly than we think.

Cruel Owners Cover 4-Week-Old Kittens With Permanent Markers And It's HeartbreakingCruel Owners Cover 4-Week-Old Kittens With Permanent Markers And It's Heartbreakingballykdy /

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There have been too many instances of innocent creatures being abused. According to a report by the HumaneSociety, the animals who are most often maltreated in the United States are dogs, cats, horses, and livestock.

Last year, a woman named Heather Frohreich came home to find that someone had covered her cat in green wet paint. In another incident, a dog named Scarlet was covered in red paint by her owner who thought it would be fun to do something different with their pet.

And these two lovely cats became victims of a similar unfair treatment.

Cruel Owners Cover 4-Week-Old Kittens With Permanent Markers And It's Heartbreakingfrantic00 /

Shrek and Smurf

In what was described as a 'dreadful act of cruelty,' two kittens were colored in with permanent markers. The animals, named Smurf and Shrek, were only four weeks old at the time and were taken to the Bradford Cat Watch Rescue after being found by police officers.

The officers had rescued the pair after their owners decided to paint them. Smurf was covered in bright blue color while Shrek was painted with turquoise. According to The Independent, one of the coordinators at the Bradford Cat Watch Rescue Center, Kate Lloyd, said she was "totally shocked" when she saw how badly the animal abusers treated the cats.

Lloyd pointed out that what the cat owners did was very dangerous and it could have affected the kittens' lungs and skin. It could also have led to infections that could be fatal.

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The staff at the animal center put in their very best effort to get the colors off the cats.

The dangers of painting or dyeing an animal

According to Petsworld, there are a number of reasons why using paints on your animals is considered dangerous. 


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  1. Chemicals found in some of these colors are quite strong and may cause an allergic reaction and skin irritations to the pets.
  2. Apart from skin allergies, using any type of coloring on a pet poses a threat to their health. Some of these animals constantly lick their fur/coat and, in the process, they may ingest something harmful. This may lead to such symptoms like nausea and diarrhea, or even something worse depending on how poisonous the product is.
  3. It can also cause stress. Just because the animals cannot speak out does not mean they are enjoying the process of being dyed or painted.

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These animals are not objects to be toyed with.

Keep things like paints, dye and permanent markers away from them. They pose a lot of risks.

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