2 Puppies Were Stuck In A Well With A Cobra For Two Days, And The Snake Was Surprisingly Kind

Date December 5, 2018

This fascinating event took place in India. The King Cobra is known by locals to be so deadly and lethal that it's capable of killing even an elephant. However, when faced with two puppies, one particular cobra seemed to choose kindness. 

Instead of going for the kill, the snake acted more like a concerned parent than a dangerous attacker and people are not really sure what happened. 

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Apparently, two puppies fell into a well and they were soon faced with a massive King Cobra. The mother dog ran to the edge of the well and was understandably concerned for her little ones so she began barking. 

The noise got the attention of the dogs' owner who came running. What he saw was surprising. The snake was quite the opposite of a predator. In fact, it looked like it was protecting the puppies by standing between them and the other side of the well where the pups could possibly drown. 

2 Puppies Were Stuck In A Well With A Cobra For Two Days, And The Snake Was Surprisingly KindTon Bangkeaw /

It was reported that the puppies and the snake were in the well for 48 hours and the snake remained completely calm. It made no move to harm the dogs, which looked quite frightened. Eventually, rescuers arrived and were able to save the animals. Upon examining the dogs, it was discovered that they had no injuries from the cobra. As for the snake, it was also released into the wild. 

Many people took to social media to share their opinion about the reasons why something so unlikely could have happened. Some believed that the snake probably did not attack because it did not feel threatened by the pup.

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Then they were those who choose to believe that animals are capable of showing compassion sometimes and this could have been the case here.

While we'll never know what exactly was on the snake's mind, we can't help but consider this a truly amazing story. 

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