Kind Woman Rescues And Changes The Life Of A Cockatoo Who Had Been Left In A Dark Basement


October 30, 2018 18:09 By Mambee

Some people adopt pets without truly knowing what's involved in ensuring these creatures are always healthy and happy. Sadly, this usually means the pets are abandoned or ignored. The good news is that there are kind people out there who come to the rescue of such animals knowing full well what it takes.


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A Goffin's Cockatoo named Cookie was basically pushed aside when his owners got a new dog. According to TheDodo, the dog was not really a fan of Cookie so the owners thought the perfect solution to the problem was to stash Cookie somewhere else. 


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The animal owners figured the best they could do was put Cookie in a basement and basically ignore him for the most part. The poor bird was stuck in a room with no light or windows. Cookie had no one to interact with and we imagine that must have been really depressing. 


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Fortunately, animal lover Yazhi Yung found out about what was going on with Cookie and decided to take the bird into her home. She already had a bunch of other parrots, but unlike Cookie's previous owners, Yazhi makes time for them. She was able to provide the cockatoo with the love and care he needed in order to recover from the ordeal he suffered in his previous home.

Yazhi revealed that, when she found Cookie, the bird was unhappy and not as chatty as he is now. She talked about how his previous owner left him alone in a cage and they didn't even bother to give him food or care for him at all. 

With me, he could have a happier life and a healthier life.


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Such a situation can be traumatizing for any animal and Yazhi revealed that Cookie has been working through his pain slowly, but things are getting better now. She explained that when she first got him, he was very shy and quiet. He also spooked easily and would rather stay in a corner. 

He used to bite a lot. People are like, ‘Why do you keep him?'


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Yazhi chose not to give up on Cookie. She was patient with the bird and after about a year, he started to change for the better. He got more comfortable being near her and also allowed her to feed him. 

I think that was the moment when he started to trust again.

Now Yazhi and Cookie are super close. Even though it was a long and difficult road, Yazhi managed to encourage Cookie to come out of his shell and, today, the bird is very happy in his new home.

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