Safe At Last: Foster Dog That Ran Away Is Found Alive After Spending 17 Days In Freezing Weather

Date January 25, 2019

Staff at the Ruff Start Rescue were relieved to find that a St. Bernard who had run away from her foster home managed to stay alive despite freezing weather. 

According to Ruff Start Rescue's Facebook Page, the dog, named Old Lady, went missing on January 4th after escaping from her foster home. They searched for her for days and, luckily, she was found on January 21st after the facility received a phone call.

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Old Lady was apparently caught up in the woods on someone's property and was stuck there. It was basically a miracle that she was able to survive in the freezing Minnesota weather.

RSR explained that they had search parties, signs, made phone calls and had many people looking for the dog. They remained hopeful that she would be fine, even as the weather got worse. Everyone was worried about her safety.

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Fortunately, the efforts weren't futile. They found the dog and had to approach her very cautiously so she would not flee again. When the rescuers, Julie Lessard and Azure Davis got close enough, they were able to get Old Lady unstuck from the woods and coerce her to come with them.

It's a miracle! She was SO cold and shivering. She's safe and back in the care of RSR. Thank you so much to everyone who helped make this possible.

Old Lady is a senior dog which made her survival that much more incredible. But since she has been found, her foster home has been doing all it can to help her recover.

How to keep pets safe during the winter

When the weather is cold, pets need extra care and warmth. According to Humane Society, there are a few ways to keep them safe. 

  1. You should keep them indoors. Your dogs may get used to roaming about during other seasons but when it comes to winter, they should be sheltered;
  2. You should also bundle them up. You can put on sweaters on dogs with short hair because have more exposed skin; 
  3. Help other pets: The winter is not a good time for stray pets either. If you notice a neighbor's dog outside in the cold, for instance, call their attention to the danger. If they do not care, then you can report that type of animal neglect. You can also offer a home for stray dogs and cats by creating a makeshift bed or comfortable space for them to sleep.

Safe At Last: Foster Dog That Ran Away Is Found Alive After Spending 17 Days In Freezing WeatherRachenPhotographer /

Like humans, pets also need to be kept warm. We imagine not all of them may be as strong as Old Lady who managed to survive in the cold for so long. Any help we can offer these animals will be appreciated.

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