Lions Attack And Eat Poachers Who Broke Into A Wildlife Reserve In An Attempt To Grab The Rhinos

Date July 9, 2018

A group of poachers was on the receiving end of some literal jungle justice when they dared to break into a wildlife reserve with the intention of grabbing some rhinos.

Sibuya Game Reserve / Facebook

The Sibuya Game Reserve, located in South Africa, revealed that the poachers got eaten by a pride of lions when they tried to break in.

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Nick Fox, the owner of the reserve, told BuzzFeed that they realized something must have happened when one of the staff members noticed human remains near a pride of six lions.

Sibuya Game Reserve / Facebook

Upon further investigations, the reserve anti-poaching unit worked with the police forensic unit and discovered an 'ax, pieces of clothing and shoes."

Sibuya Game Reserve / Facebook

Fox told BuzzFeed that he was not sure how many humans were eaten but they concluded that there were at least three, considering the items that were discovered on the scene.

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Sibuya Game Reserve / Facebook

Apart from the clothes and shoes, the investigators also discovered a high-powered rifle with a silencer and wire cutters.

Sibuya Game Reserve / Facebook

According to a police spokesperson, the investigation is still open and they are looking into the gun to see if it had been used in any other crime.

The Sibuya Game Reserve has had to deal with the issue of poaching previously. In 2016, three rhinos in the park were killed by poachers who wanted to take the animals' horns.

"It was a devastating loss", Fox explained adding that one of the rhinos killed was 'hand-reared' by the staff.

Poaching is a serious problem in South Africa and rhinos especially are the most common victims. Fox explained that a rhino horn is now more valuable than gold.

The reserve owner was incredibly grateful to the lions for saving the rhinos this time around.

Source: BuzzFeed News

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