Blind Man Attaches A Camera To His Guide Dog Just To Find Out How People Really Treat Him


July 13, 2018 15:51 By Mambee

Being blind comes with its own everyday challenges and one British man is raising awareness about them so others can be more understanding.

Kika_GuideDog / Twitter

37-year-old Amit Patel lost his sight in 2012. To get around it, he relies on his amazing guide dog, Kika, and she does a great job when it comes to navigating Amit's way.

For a long time, Amit faced frequent discriminations and, sometimes, even abuse on a daily basis. To get a clearer picture of what really happened, he decided to attach a GoPro to Kika.

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Kika_GuideDog / Twitter

Amit revealed to Mashable that people would often shove him out of his way. Even Kika was often hit with things like umbrellas and bags by passers-by.

Since attaching the camera, his wife, Seema would review the video at the end of each day to see what happened. The family would also share some of these experiences on Kika's Twitter page to raise awareness about the issue. 

Amit recalled one particularly horrifying incident. A woman went off on him because he was taking a little longer on the escalator. Amit said he was carrying his 2-month-old baby in his arms and the dog was blocking the escalator.

Kika_GuideDog / Twitter

The lady suddenly began yelling at him, even though he explained that he could not walk up the escalator because of Kika. The woman did not let up and she kept complaining that she was now going to miss her train because of 'the dog.'

Kika_GuideDog / Twitter

Amit admitted that most people are usually nice, though. However, there were a couple of times that some mean people insulted him and made him feel uncomfortable. 

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Kika_GuideDog / Twitter

On one occasion, a parent demanded that he allowed their kids to pet the dog even after Amit explained that Kika was working and this would be distracting.

Then, there was a lady on a bus who screamed at Amit and Kika for 20 minutes, claiming the dog had rabies. Nobody came to his defense, he told Mashable.

Despite these negative examples, Amit is always touched by people who go out of their way to help him. Sometimes, some people would kindly approach him and ask if there was anything they could do or if he needed assistance.

Kika_GuideDog / Twitter

It's instances like this that warm Amit's heart and he hopes he's able to raise awareness about the prejudice a blind person faces in addition to the usual challenges. Let us hope that people listen and show a little more kindness to him and other blind people they encounter as well.

Source: Mashable

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