Lost Cat Is Found Sitting Quietly Next To "Missing Cat" Poster, And It's Hilarious!

Date January 25, 2019

Cats are amazing creatures! They are independent and self-sufficient, but also attached to their humans and homes. Sometimes, they walk away, scaring everyone, and making the owners report them missing. And then they show up as though nothing had happened.

This cat is one hilarious example!

My friend walked past this house today... from r/funny

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This photo went viral because it features a cute feline sitting quietly next to the “missing cat” poster with its own picture in it. The owners did find him after all!

Another similar black and white cat was noticed staring at a window, just a few feet away from the heartbreaking broadsheet with “Lost cat” written on it. And, yes, the picture of that furry feline was attached.

Not sure they've looked that hard

If you are a cat lover and these amazing creatures gave you a good laugh, here are other 10 cute facts about cats that will make you smile:

1. They are famous for being able to cram into any narrow space. That’s because they lack a true collarbone in their bodies. Cats have 230 bones when a human has only 206.


Допис, поширений Musse (@lifeofmusse)

2. Their vision is perfect: At night, they see 6 times better than people.

3. A cat’s tongue is covered with tiny backwards hooks, called papillae, designed for holding prey in his mouth.

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Допис, поширений 細谷愛水 (@miroriri72739)

4. They can't climb off the trees heads down, because their claws on all 4 legs point the same way. So, they must go down the same way they went up.

5. Cats have the best hearing compared to dogs and humans. They are able to perceive high-frequency sounds up to 2 octaves higher than a person.

6. Blackie, from the UK is the richest cat in the world, as his owner, Ben Rea, left him £7 million in his will.


Допис, поширений Ann Go (@ananas_go)

7. Thanks to their righting reflex, the felines can survive falls of over 65 feet. The special senses in their inner ear make them alter their position in mid-air and fall on their feet.

8. Female cats are usually right pawed, while male cats tend to be lefties. 


Допис, поширений MR CAT (@mr_cat.888)

9. Meowing is used to communicate with people, not with other cats.

10. Cats can drink sea water, as their kidneys are able to filter the salt!

Did you learn any new information about these amazing pets? They are truly unique animals that make great companions!

Do you need more inspiration today? Here is a fun video to boost your creativity to the maximum!


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