Safe At Last! Severely Mistreated Dog With 25 Pellets In His Body Is Rescued From Deserted Building


October 22, 2018 12:11 By Mambee

Animals have been domesticated and taken to live among us for centuries! Nowadays, they are nothing less than family members. That is why it’s painful to watch them being neglected or abused. Luckily, there are people who are willing to serve as guardian angels and care for a pet's safety and well-being. This dog, Gus, was lucky enough to be rescued by this kind of people.

The animal protecting organization Houston K-911 Rescue found a severely abused dog in an abandoned apartment block in Houston, Texas. The rescuers followed the0 strong scent coming from the building until they bumped into a skinny, filthy animal.

They wrote in a Facebook post:

We were about to walk right past it, then noticed the opening and looked inside with a flashlight. After a few seconds, we commented about how badly it reeked in there. We were about to go in to look in a room that's inside when the dog came strolling out. He was about to make a run for it through the opening when we blocked it off. And set the trap up next to the opening for him to go inside.

They could not believe he was still alive: He had an emaciated body and a huge swollen head. The poor animal was severely injured. His neck was tightly tied up with a shoelace, which had caused wounds on his skin and trachea.

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The veterinarians were shocked at the canine’s health conditions, claiming it was the worst case they had ever seen. The X-ray showed more than 25 pellets in his body, which meant the dog had received numerous pellet gun shots.

Even though the hospital bill promised to be enormous, Houston K-911 Rescue did not hesitate to provide the animal with medications, including antibiotics to treat him for infections.

The horrific abuse that Gus suffered from is luckily in the past. He underwent a surgery in his neck, at Texas A&M Hospital, and he looks amazing now . The video of a rehabilitated canine shows how much he improved:

Why would anyone do something like that to a poor pup?

Research suggests that there is a link between animal cruelty and the antisocial personality disorder (APD), which can vary in severity.  APD is characterized by a lack of remorse and sensitivity, violation of other people's physical or emotional rights, impulsiveness, irritability and aggression. Those people are among us.

You can also identify potential abusers by the lack of stability in any sphere of life, consistent irresponsibility, frequent lying and mockery, recklessness, and disregard for  society norms.

What to do when you witness  animal abuse:

1. FInd out  which facility is responsible for investigating and enforcing the anti-cruelty laws in your location;

2. If the victim of animal cruelty does not need  emergency help, investigate which laws can be inforced against the abuser. Causing an animal unnecessary suffering is also illegal: This includes hitting, depriving the pet of safe shelter, food, and water;

3. If the animal is in critical condition, contact a local animal-protection agency, or PETA, immediately.

Being kind to animals is something every parent should teach a child from an early age. Parents can encourage respectful behavior towards domestic and wild animals by visiting local shelters, observing them in the wild, and trusting kids with taking care of a pet. Explaining the concept of responsibility and sympathy, you plant the seeds of love and compassion toward animals and people.

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