Meet "No Ordinary Cat", The Pet That Showed A Strong Attachment To His Humans

Date July 5, 2019

Bailey is not just an ordinary cat! These creatures are known for being aloof and independent and rarely express much devotion to their humans. Nevertheless, this pet exceeded all expectations of loyalty!

According to Coleandmarmalade, he is so attached to his owner and her two kids that he is almost inseparable from them. His gentle nature and an inclination to do everything that his people do amaze the viewers.

This cat has his own social media page for a good reason – he is one of a kind, and he keeps amassing an army of fans!

Bailey’s owner, Erin Merryn, met this ginger cat back in 2004 when she lived in a college dormitory. She even had to hide him from the administration, as having pets weren’t allowed.

Erin was deeply stressed after being busted in only a week, and she had to give Bailey to another family.

Later on, she learned that her beloved cat didn’t get along well with those people, so she took him back and talked her parents into having the puss in their house.

Those two could not imagine being apart! When Erin got pregnant later on, she had concerns about whether Bailey would be jealous or hostile to her baby.

Apparently, she worried for nothing.

At first, the redhead loved snuggling at Merryn’s pregnant belly. When they welcomed the baby girl into the family, the extraordinary feline didn’t want to leave her side. Little Abby was growing up under the watch of her own ginger guardian angel.

The pair developed the strongest bond, and some of their antics never failed to impress Erin. She could luckily capture the sweet bonding moments with her camera, sharing them with the world.

Those pictures show an amazing connection between a cat and a human.

In 2016, there was another addition to the family. Little baby girl Hannah was welcomed by every member of the family, especially by Bailey. The cat became protective over his 2 little “sisters,” they even shared a bath, had naps cuddling each other, and played together, just as three regular siblings would do.

Amazing, isn’t it? These adorable shots make us believe Bailey is actually a human in a cat’s body!

Erin is gushing about her super loving and gentle cat, which is much more than a pet! This extraordinary family is such a pleasure to see.

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