Duchess Meghan Rescued A Beagle Named Guy From A Shelter In The USA, And He Once Rode In A Limo With The Queen

Date June 26, 2019

Corgi dogs are the most popular breed among royalty, as Queen Elizabeth is a fan of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

However, as Meghan Markle was preparing to join the British Royal Family, everyone wanted to know whether she had a pet! Meghan Markle is a dog person, too, and that’s where she has lots in common with the Queen.

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She is a happy owner of 2 dogs, which she reportedly rescued from a shelter, named Bogart and Guy.

The former actress adopted the beagle Guy from the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Mount Sterling, Kentucky, and now he is basking in glory as he is staying with the Duchess full time.

On Meghan's wedding day, Guy was spotted taking a ride in a limo with no one else but the Queen. Could he have expected such a turn of events when he was just hoping to get a loving family?

The little fellow seemed to fit into the royal life! However, he is the only one to travel with Meghan from the USA. The Duchess' other rescue dog, Bogart, had to stay in America because he is too old to travel.

During the engagement interview, the now Duchess revealed that Bogart had to stay with a very close friend.

Before Meghan deleted her Instagram account, we could see many pictures of her beloved pets, resting peacefully on her lap, or relaxing in the sun in the backyard of the star’s Toronto house.

The Duchess often referred to them as “my boys”.

When it comes to adopting shelter dogs, there is a curious question in people's minds, as some of them may wonder who rescues whom, after all.

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The Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine, share their love of dogs with their sister-in-law. The family owns an English cocker spaniel, Lupo, who has been with them long before their kids were born. He is a pup of Kate’s parents’ dog, Ella.

Loving dogs is one more curious thing that Meghan Markle has in common with the Royal Family and another reason why she fit in so perfectly well!