Man Found Malnourished Husky In Poor Health Condition. 10 Months Later He Is Back To Being An Amazingly Beautiful Dog

Date May 10, 2019

We can’t help but admire people who take in homeless animals. Not only do they diminish the problem of stray pets, but they also give their love and care to an innocent being whose only wish is to love and be loved in return.

However, not every pet is lucky to find a loving home. Approximately 2.7 million dogs and cats get euthanized because the overcrowded shelters fail to find adoptive families.

Every creature deserves to have a decent life, so when Rico Soegiarto, from Bali, Indonesia, found a malnourished and neglected dog on the streets, he didn’t hesitate to take him home.

He realized it was a husky, however, it was impossible to tell it at once. The dog had piercing blue eyes that gave away his breed, but his overall condition was very poor.

The pet lacked hair and had wounds on his skin. Moreover, he was too skinny and, if not for Soegiarto, he would not have had any chance of survival.

Experts say the fur coat is necessary for these dogs to regulate their body temperature. That is why losing it can cause severe damage to a Husky’s health, especially if they are living in hot countries, like Indonesia.

It’s unknown how much time the husky spent on the streets after his previous owners had abandoned him, but he was lucky to meet Rico.

The man named him Hope and took good care of the dog until he turned into a beautiful strong animal.

The new owner took him to the vet, and then provided him with the best nutrition.

With time, Hope started to thrive. 10 months later, he was unrecognizable. These pictures show a little of his complete transformation process. Can you recognize that skinny husky in this happy dog?

Sadly, the problem of homeless dogs is everywhere. As we leave animals out there with no supervision and care, they breed uncontrollably, have a high risk of catching dangerous diseases and spread them among people’s pets.

There is one more dog blessed with an amazing human, who gave him another chance at life.  

By following Soegiarto’s example, we all can contribute to eliminating this sad problem. Here is what everyone can do:

  1. If you find a stray dog, take him to the vet. Try to find his owner by spreading the word about your find, and contacting local shelters. 
  2. If the animal is abandoned and you cannot adopt him, you can contribute by volunteering your time at shelters and animal sanctuaries, or by donating to an animal care organization in your hometown. 

The man's best friends do not deserve to have a miserable life on the streets. Thus, taking care of them, we have a chance to restore their faith in people again. 

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