Couple Ditches Wedding Flowers And Uses Puppies Instead

Date September 24, 2018

Kyle Morris and Brian Seals are a happily married couple, who made their wedding day an extraordinary event not just for themselves, but for puppies! Those two picked a different scenario for their wedding day and didn’t second-thought their decision even once.

The couple decided to mark their nuptials with 10 adorable puppies from the “Partner 4 Pets” animal rescue center in Troy, Illinois, instead of the regular wedding flowers.

From a first glance at the pictures, it’s obvious that the guests enjoyed snuggling the pups, who loved the affection in return!

Kyle and Brian’s relationships bloomed after meeting in the rescue center, and when the pair made a decision to create a family they knew how they were going to celebrate it.

The animal lovers wished to draw attention to the pets who longed for a loving home, and their gesture didn’t go unnoticed! Brian revealed that:

We thought it would be an amazing way to get the dogs out of the cage for the day and a way for people to see the dogs and get some attention to Partners 4 Pets.

Holding cute pups became the highlight of the event! The newlyweds were over the moon to find out that 8 out of the 10 puppies were adopted after the wedding! This selfless act of love for the animals shows how easy it is to do something good in this world without much effort at all!

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