This Breastfeeding Rhino And Her Calf Sparked The Most Hilarious Facebook Comments

Date September 17, 2018 15:48

When you are a good mom, you always try to be there for your baby. Even if you are a rhino. Or, perhaps, especially when you are a rhino!

These amazing creatures are just like us – the baby rhino is happy to snuggle cozily against their mommy’s side to suck on the breastmilk . But the kind of “look” mom throws at the camera makes every mother think of her own nursing experience.

The photo of Kendi and Seya, taken at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden in Ohio, inspired numerous comments on Facebook, and you are not going to believe how funny they are!

Some women assume mammals may have nursing problems similar to those we do.

Maybe they have to face negative comments and weird looks from other animals, too.

This mamma has to consider quitting breastfeeding such a big boy, some say.

Apparently, the rhino mama does not have a clue that she has been judged by dozens of Facebook users.

Some witnesses, who have seen the pair with their own eyes reveal, how hungry and pushy that “little” baby was.

Newborn rhinos start nursing within the first 5 hours after being born, but they should be grazing by the time they are two monts old. However, the calves stay by their mothers’ side for 2 years, and chances are they keep nursing as long as their mom lets them!

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