Touching Moment: Mommy Gorilla Reunites With Her Baby And Breastfeeds Her For The First Time

Date September 21, 2018

The sweetest reunion between mother-gorilla and her baby is the most priceless thing to watch! The footage proves that there can’t be anything stronger than a mother instinct.

undefinedSan Diego Zoo Safari Park / YouTube

Gorilla named Imani from San Diego Zoo Safari Park had complications during her labor, so the staff went for emergency C-section. The baby girl was born with a collapsed lung and later was diagnosed with pneumonia, so the first 12 days she had to spend in the special care unit under the supervision of eagle-eyed doctors, and extensive antibiotic treatment.

undefinedSan Diego Zoo Safari Park / YouTube

When her health condition allowed the staff to put her back with the mother, Zookeepers were concerned about how the reunion would go. Almost 2 weeks without seeing a newborn is a painful experience for Gorilla and it might have ended badly.

undefinedSan Diego Zoo Safari Park / YouTube

At first, they let the mommy see the newborn without touching her, and the next day, the baby was put on the soft hay in Imani’s bedroom area. As she approached the tiny creature and sniffed her, she immediately picked her up. Imani knew exactly who that was! Within three hours, she started nursing her. The meeting went amazing, and the staff could not be happier to see how loving Imani was with her little daughter.

undefinedSan Diego Zoo Safari Park / YouTube

She let her cling on and didn’t put her down, and that was a great sign. Soon enough the new member of the tribe was warmly welcomed by the rest of the gorillas.

Now, growing next to her caring mother and the fellow apes side by side, this little baby will have a normal healthy development.

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