5-Year-Old Girl Plays With Her 13-Feet Long Pet Python, And This Footage Makes The Heart Skip A Beat

Date August 14, 2018

We usually associate reptiles with dangerous monsters who cause panic and fear! And we definitely do not think of them as pets! However, this family shares another opinion about it.

An owner of captive-bred reticulated pythons, called Sonny and Cher, do not just have them at home: He introduced them to his daughter and let her play with them as though they were ordinary pets. Sounds shocking? Not for this lovely family.

Sonny and Cher Reticulated Pythons / YouTube

The little girl seems to find a common language with the gigantic snakes. However, the footage of her playing or chilling around the pythons makes goosebumps break all over the skin.

In the YouTube description, the father explains that the snakes have never bitten them, and these reptiles never will unless they feel threatened by human or take something for food. In anticipation of the questions from people, he introduces the readers with fun statistics:

Current animal bites to my daughter 2012-2018: Family cat (deceased) 4673; Tortoise 1; Reticulated Pythons x2 0.

Any animal can be dangerous if it senses danger. But these two pets they have at home are handled every day with much love and respect. The owner writes:

I have found them to actually be very forgiving, gentle animals and biting anyone would be the last thing on their list of things to do throughout their carefree day.

It’s obvious from the videos that the little girl feels at ease around the giant reptiles. Her father prefers to teach her how to behave around the pythons instead or isolating her from them. He is certain there is nothing to be afraid of as they are “nicer than human beings”!

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