Pregnant Woman Noticed Her Dog Barking And Whining, And Realized The Dog Tried To Warn Her About Dangerous Disease

Date September 3, 2018

Dogs have a very sharp nose, but it’s hard to believe that they can detecte some diseases, including cancer. These wonderful animals have 300 million sensors in their nose and the Jacobson's organ, a smelling device on the back of their nose that people don’t have. Mother Nature granted them with a perfect smelling system that they use for hunting, detecting danger and navigating.

But this American Akita dog, Keola, used her powerful skills to save her owner’s life. The expecting mother, Alhanna Butler, from Doncaster, South Yorkshire, started to experience lower back pain, which doctors did not take seriously. They said it was a pregnancy side effect and sent the mom-to-be home. However, Keola felt something was wrong with the woman’s health.

She started staring at the woman in a weird way, then she would bark and howl next to her, something the pet had never done before. The woman’s husband, Ricky Butler, told that dog acted deeply distressed every time Alhanna left the house.

Seemed like the pet tried to give a certain sign that the owners found hard to decode. Luckily, the future mother took it seriously and went to the hospital. A medical test revealed how seriously ill Alhanna was. A severe infection in both kidneys was slowly killing her, and it would have ended fatally if not for Keola’s incredible sniff.

Kidney infection is caused by bacteria, and it usually makes its way from the urethra or bladder to one or both of the kidneys. The disease may lead to life-threatening complications. For pregnant women, one of them is a delay in the development and growth of a baby. Fortunately, Butler could avoid this course of events by a timely treatment with antibiotics. 

It turned out that the loyal dog was not just acting up: She wanted to warn her owner about the danger she was in.

Due to the dog’s powerful nose, the woman was warned and could save herself and the baby. Now, as the family welcomed the new addition, healthy baby son Lincoln has got himself the most loyal friend and a guardian angel, a dog named Keola.

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