The Cat Was Living On The Grave For A Year, Refusing To Say Good-Bye To The Deceased Owner

Date July 30, 2018

Cats often have a reputation for being loners who cherish their independence and do not get attach to humans as strongly as dogs. 

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research has proved that cats do not really need people to feel secure and safe, and they do not experience separation anxiety while being away from their owners.

However, they can develop strong affection to humans, which emerges not out of the “need” to be protected but out of genuine feelings of closeness.

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Cats are able to show their devotion to their owners and sometimes impress with their ability to get attached.

This cat was found “crying” in an Indonesian cemetery. It turned out that the pet had been grieving over its deceased human and could not leave her even after death.

The cat spent evry night at Ibu Kundari's grave, in Central Java, Indonesia. It rolled on the ground and just perched there on the pale blue gravestone regardless of the weather, meowing as if mourning over its terrible loss.

28-year-old Keli Keningau Prayitno wanted to adopt the cat after he had spotted the animal living outside. He assumed the cat was homeless and gave her food and water and even took her home, but his sincere intentions were turned down.

The pet kept coming back to the cemetery, refusing to leave its owner’s grave. Apparently, it was hard for the heart-broken creature to say good-bye.

The way that cat showed his loyalty was extraordinary. It kept returning to the spot for almost one year.

Keli Keningau Prayitno, the caring passer-by who tried to offer a home for the animal, discovered that the family of the late cat’s owner was feeding it every day. However, the cat knew exactly where it belonged.

It's amazing to see how much compassion and sorrow pets can feel when they lose someone they love. It is the obvious proof how strongly they get attached to people and how heartbreaking it may be to part ways.   

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