Police Dog Selflessly Saves The Life Of His Partner, Ambushed By 3 Criminals In The Depth Of The Woods

Date April 24, 2018

Not all heroes have two feet, not all heroes wear capes. Meet Lucas - a heroic Belgian Malinois, a member of a K9 police unit who selflessly rescued the life of his master, Deputy Todd Frazier.

Todd Fraizer / Facebook

It was a cruel trap set up by a local gang for Mr. Frazier. The three gangsters dragged the deputy deep into the woods, threatening to choke the life out of him. 

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The deputy fell into a trap during his patrol, when he caught sight of a man who seemed to be unconscious at the wheel of a car in a layby. Todd Frazier pulled up to the car and that's when two other men suddenly distracted him and the third one attacked.

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As Frazier struggled to run away, he heard one of the gangsters saying he was going to slit Todd's throat. It was a no-win situation.

Realizing that his life on the line, Todd decided to creep out of this nightmare. On his belt, the deputy had a device allowing him to unlock the canine compartment in his car.

Todd Fraizer / Facebook

Todd managed to light up the device, and his trusty dog Lucas sprang into action to rescue his partner's life.

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Todd Fraizer / Facebook

Apart from their motivation, the criminals quickly ran away when the dog burst from the squad car into the woods. Lucas furiously attacked at least one of the gangs, and the three dug out from the crime scene.

Todd Fraizer / Facebook

The incident was a near miss as the attackers were dead set on killing the deputy. Unfortunately, both Todd and Lucas weren't left uncrippled. The deputy suffered multiple bodily traumas and a two-and-a-half-inch cut to his forehead. 

Todd Fraizer / Facebook

The canine also wasn't left unharmed, as he lost a few teeth and tore a ligament while selflessly protecting his master.

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The dog received a necessary veterinary care and even made a full recovery. Todd is also doing pretty good.

Todd Fraizer / Facebook

For his irresistible bravery and total dedication, Lucas obtained the 'Hero of the Year' award.

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