A True Love Story: Devoted Male Stork Flies Thousands Kilometers Annually To Reunite With His Earth-Bound Partner

Date April 25, 2018

Humans aren't the only one capable of practicing of monogamy, and one stork couple seems to be a living testimony proving it. The two storks show that true love no amount of time or distance can diminish the powerful flams between two creatures that fall for each other.

The entire world now keeps watching over this couple's timeless love, and their annual reunion brings happiness to millions. 

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The remarkable love story of these beautiful birds took place in Croatia. Each year, the male stork named Klepetan flies 14,000 kilometers across the continent, making a dangerous trip from South Africa to Somalia, then over the Iraqi desert to Croatia. He makes it on to meet his lifelong love, Melena.

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One day in 1993 the man found a female stork separately lying by the roadside. Bird's wings were shot, she could no longer fly.

A man, who's now a 71-year-old widower named Stjepan Vokic, decided to rescue the poor bird and welcomed her into his home. 

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The man started taking care of the stork, having built a huge nest on the rooftop of his small house. What's more, Stjepan gave her fish, freshly caught in his pond, and set an 'improvised Africa' for her in the garage, made up of an aquarium, heating, and a nest.

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Since 1993, Stjepan has formed a tight bond with the stork. He gave her Malena name, what means 'little one' in Croatian.

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One spring day, a male stork was on return from South Africa and noticed Malena's nest on the roof of Stjepan's house. Since then, the two have stuck together every other minute.

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Klepetan hunts fish for Malena every day, and Stjepan's happy for such an unusual couple.

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Soon after their first meeting, Melena gave birth to a nest of wonderful stork babies. Each year before he flies to South Africa, Klepetan gives his offspring flying lessons. Since their first moment together, the two have raised 62 baby storks.

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Annually, it's the same place where Klepetan reunites with his darling partner. Melena waits for her sweetheart during the entire March.

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In their first years of being together, Klepetan had always reunited with Malena not later than March 24. However, in 2017, he came a month later than expected. 

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By the time Klepetan reached Malena's nest, his female partner was already with another stork. Klepetan desperately fought for Malena. He was all in injuries after the fight was over, but his sweetheart was back again, and that was the only thing that mattered.

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Hopefully, Klepetan will return to his sweetheart again in 2019. It will be their 17th reunition in a row!

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