Stunned Pet Owner Of A Wonderful £140 'Puppy' Finds Out Her Pet Is Actually A Fox!

Date May 10, 2018

Ms. Wang is Chinese woman who was so happy to welcome the fox-like dog that she spent £140 to buy a wonderful Japanese spitz. However, when her miraculous 'puppy' has started to grow a fluffy, incredibly long tail after reaching the third month of living, the woman understood something was wrong.

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Turned out, the 'pooch' Ms. Wang has been raising for almost a year is actually a fox!

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Chinese media reported the woman noticed that her 'dog' never barked and his tail was getting longer and thicker than that of a normal dog.

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Eventually, an employee from a local zoo revealed that Ms. Wang's 'Japanese spitz' was actually a domesticated fox. That was the point all the problems were coming from. 

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In the interview with Shanxi Network Television, Ms. Wang told that she bought what was said to be a 'puppy' in a pet shop last year, in July.

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She fed the 'pet dog' chicken breasts, fruit, and dog food. However, when her long-tailed pooch reached three months, it refused from eating dog food.

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Before Ms. Wang discovered the truth, she said other dog owners walking with their pets in the park told her that her animal resembled a fox! What's more, it scared all other pets, so Mx. Wang needed to walk it with a leash.

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When the woman took her pooch to Taiyuan Zoo, Sun Letian - animal epidemic prevention expert - confirmed her fears. This miraculous pet was a fox!

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Measuring 12 inches (30 centimeters) long, the white-coated pet is expected to grow even bigger. Ms. Wang decided to leave her fox in the zoo, where the animal can receive better living conditions and more suitable nutrition.

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Zoo worker said that the fox will be living in a quarantine zone for 1 month, as health checkups need to be done during this period.

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After 1 month in the quarantine zone, the white-coated fox will join its friends in the fox enclosure. Fortunately, Ms. Wang can visit her four-legged pet when she misses it.

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