Partners In Crime: Adorable Golden Retrievers Help Baby To Escape Bed Every Night

Date August 2, 2019

It is not a secret that dogs are considered to be people’s best friends. But not all people know how great such friendship can be!

Dogs can be in friendly relations not only with adults, but with babies as well. Parents of the 15-month-old baby Chloe were very surprised when they spotted their child walking in the hallway.

They had no idea how something like that could happen in the early morning.

So, they decided to watch the videotape of the recordings, and the result was so unpredictable.

Turned out, two adorable golden retrievers, Bleu and Colby, helped the 15-month-old baby escape the bed every night.

The baby girl managed to leave her bed with the help of her four-legged friends. Fortunately, this precious moment was caught on the baby camera.

They are real partners in crime!

It is so sweet to watch the cooperation of these adorable doggies and the precious baby girl.

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