Woman Adopts Homeless Pregnant Pit Bull And Welcomes 11 Newborn Puppies Weeks Later

Date August 13, 2019

While you may never get a verbal 'thank you' from an animal whose life you changed, these lovely creatures do know exactly how to express their appreciation in a way that you'll understand.

When this woman adopted a pregnant pit bull, she certainly had no clue that the birth of the dog's pups would make for an extremely viral moment.

The pit bull, who gave birth to 11 puppies, became a major internet sensation almost overnight. Their owner, Stevoni Doyle, shared a video of the tender moment when Grace picked up her newly born puppies one after the other and placed them on Stevoni's lap.

Speaking to KUTV about the experience, Stevoni said the whole thing was completely shocking as most dogs have fierce maternal instincts and are super protective of their babies at a time like this.

She's like here, take them and hold them and then hold me. It's just completely shocking.

Stevoni posted the video on her Facebook pag, and it went on to receive over 34 million views. Describing it as a "crazy" experience, she said she certainly never saw that coming.

This was probably not Stevoni's first time witnessing a dog-birth. She revealed that she often took in abandoned pregnant dogs and provided them with the love and support they need until they have their babies.

She believes that anyone can foster a dog, even though they cannot commit to adopting one just yet. She gave Grace a home just three weeks before that epic birth moment.

The dog went on labor at around 9 pm on a Sunday night, and the whole thing lasted hours. The last pup arrived at about 4 am the next day.

For Stevoni, one of the best things about Grace going viral for something like that was that a pit bull was being talked about in a positive way.

They get a really bad rep, and it’s not about the breed. It’s the people that raise them.

Grace's actions seemed like an expression of trust and gratitude to her owner. Besides, it also serves as an inspiration for anyone on the fence about fostering a helpless animal. Who wouldn't want to be a witness to such a beautiful moment?

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