Rommel & Badgi: A Homeless Boy And A Stray Puppy Share Powerful Friendship

Date July 29, 2019

Surviving in the streets is a tough experience for children in several places all over the world, and one of such is the Philippines.

These helpless young ones often take to the streets to survive, and this is usually as a result of abandonment, abuse, or a quest to provide for other members of their family.

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Nonetheless, it is a life filled with torture and struggle, as these kids often fall to the temptation of drugs, infections, and sexual exploitation, among other vices.

Rommel, the street boy, and Badgi, his companion

In the Philippines alone, it is believed that there are over 1.5 million children roaming the streets with little or no help to ensure their daily survival.

There have been several measures taken to reduce the problem and help these young ones get a life they deserve, a good one, but they have not been enough. These kids have to rely on one another to survive.

Somehow, the story of this young boy, Rommel, who found companionship when he adopted a street dog, made its way to the internet.

It moved millions all over the world.

Rommel was one of the not-so-lucky children in the Philippines who had ended up out on the streets. His parents separated a few years back, leaving him to survive on his own.

His only other close family member was his sister, but she was far away, in another city. So, Rommel only went to visit her once in a while when he could afford to.

This boy lived a lonely life with no one there to care for him until he met Badgi, a street dog.

Badgi had also spent most of his life on the streets, and so they did quite well together, helping each other while struggling to survive in the streets of Quezon City.

Maria Kabs, who was moved by the beautiful friendship between the pair, shared it on Facebook. It has tugged at the hearts of several people all over the world.

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The young boy revealed that he only had the opportunity to go as far as 2nd grade and hopes to further his education someday. Till then, all he had was his friend Badgi, and they survive as they can and have fun together.

Rommel and Badgi's story reminds us of the importance of finding happiness in the little things in our lives.

It is a strong reminder that joy comes in enjoying the moment, and not in worrying about the future. So, how exactly do you learn to enjoy the moment?

Finding happiness in the little things

Most times, we focus on the big stuff and ignore the small ones, forgetting that the latter are the best part of our lives.

1. We should learn to be grateful for little things, as it is synonymous to being happy most of our lives. It could be our amazing friends, our house, and several other things which are often taken for granted or ignored.

2. Secondly, learn to speak positively. Examples of speaking positively include giving out compliments to another person or even yourself.

This slight change in attitude goes a long way when it comes to appreciating minute things, and you just might have made someone else's day.

3. We could learn to be grateful for the little things and speak positively, but a factor that stops us from finding joy is worrying.

Learning to live in the moment, avoiding disturbing thoughts about what will be and what could have been, goes a long way in helping us appreciate the little things we have.

Enjoying the little things does not mean ignoring the significant goals: It just means merely taking advantage of the simple things in life and enjoying them.

That guarantees a more peaceful and fulfilling life, and you, too, can find happiness all around you, just like Rommel and Badgi.

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