Man Found His Missing Dog After Searching For Three Years: It Was An Emotional Reunion

Date November 6, 2018

This might as well be one of the most emotional videos you will ever watch. It shows the priceless moment when a man found his dog three years after it went missing.

The Man Who Lost His Dog

Giorgio Bereziani is a 62-year-old man from Georgia. In 2015, Giorgio lost his dog, Jorge. For three years, Giorgio kept on looking for his best friend. He had searched everywhere imaginable and even kept putting up posters around, just in case someone found Jorge and needed to reach him. All his efforts to find his beloved dog seemed to be in vain, but Giorgio never gave up. He couldn’t accept he had lost his best friend forever.

How Jorge Was Found Three Years Later

On October 7, 2018, Giorgio’s prayers were finally answered. He got a phone call from a worker at the Opera and Ballet Theatre, in Tbilisi. The caller informed Giorgio that he had found a dog at Rustaveli Avenue which matched Jorge’s description. Of course, after hearing this, Giorgio sped to the scene and he couldn’t believe his eyes. The 62-year-old man made sure to record the emotional reunion.

The moment was very beautiful. Giorgio met his dog napping and called his name. Jorge couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw his owner standing in front of him. The adorable dog immediately stood up and went to embrace his owner. The whole scene was just too emotional.

You will definitely need something to wipe your tears while watching this scene. Jorge couldn’t stop whelping and Giorgio couldn’t stop calling his name.

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After three years, all of it must have felt like a miracle to Giorgio. He immediately took his finally-found friend in his car and drove him home to meet the rest of the family. Yet, he couldn’t stop recording the whole thing.

Where Had Jorge Been For Three Years

It still isn't clear where Jorge had been all these years or what he had been through. There was a yellow tag behind his ear. The tag may have been put there by animal control workers who might have found Jorge at some point. They had probably released him later because they considered him to be harmless to society.

When Jorge got home and met the whole family, there was a lot of hugging and sniffing and joy. The dog was definitely happy to be reunited with his long lost family.

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