Heroic Abandoned Dog Did Not Stop Barking Until 10 Sick Puppies Were Rescued

Date December 17, 2018

A dog has proven himself a true hero when he determinedly barked at passers-by until he got his message across. 

The stray dog, which has since been named 'Hero', wanted to draw people's attention to ten sick puppies nearby and their exhausted mother. Thankfully, Hero succeeded and the pups and their mom got the help they needed on time.

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While speaking on Fox and Friends Weekend, animal rescuer Marina Tarashevsce said that she was passing by when she heard Hero barking loudly. The sound of his bark was not "regular" either, and Marina suspected that the dog was distressed for some reason. 

Because she had always seen Hero with another dog named Mona, she wondered if something could be wrong with Hero's companion. So, she followed the dog and he led her to the litter of puppies. Marina was amazed and thankful because she knew that those puppies and their mother would not have been found if not for Hero.

Fortunately, she was able to offer help on time and all the dogs were well taken care of.

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How to help an abandoned animal

Marina chose to stop what she was doing to tend to a dog that seemed distressed. You too can offer help to an abandoned animal by following these tips

Heroic Abandoned Dog Did Not Stop Barking Until 10 Sick Puppies Were Rescuedgostua /

  • If you're passing by and you see an abandoned dog on the side of the road, pull over somewhere safe. 
  • Approach the dog carefully, preferably from the side so as not to look threatening, and see if you can lure the animal to your vehicle. 
  • If you have some food, try crumbling it and spreading it on the ground to catch the dog's attention and perhaps build trust.
  • If the dog seems aggressive or looks like it poses a threat, do not approach it. You can call your nearby animal control agency and make a report. If there's none close to you, then call the local police. 
  • If you do get the dog in your vehicle successfully, take it to a nearby animal shelter to be checked.

If you're concerned about an animal being abused as opposed to abandoned, you can read more tips on how to rescue such animal here.

Heroic Abandoned Dog Did Not Stop Barking Until 10 Sick Puppies Were RescueddogsSuzanne Tucker /

Even though he could not express his thoughts in a language humans understand, Hero the dog was persistent enough to save 10 dogs and their mother. It just goes to show we should never underestimate the intelligence of animals.

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