A Heartbreaking Moment: 73-Year-Old Blind Elephant Cries During Her Rescue

Date August 30, 2018

Nobody should feel indifferent after watching this video. The Elephant Nature Park, in Thailand, filmed the rescue of an old elephant who had a long and hard life of strenuous work and abuse. As any captive animal, Sook Jai had to perform different tasks and lived in poor conditions, often treated with abuse and neglect. The numerous wounds on her body are left as a reminder of that time.

It took  73 years but this old elephant could finally travel to a safe place. She was blind and almost completely deaf when the Nature Park crew found her. During the 20 hours trip to the sanctuary, she was anxious and suspicious and refused to eat, even though she looked very hungry.

However, during that journey, she felt more support and care than over the years in captivity. When the cold night was coming, the crew covered the van to protect Sook Jai from the freezing wind. During they daytime, they sprayed her with water to cool her and protect her from the blazing sun.

And then an incredible thing happened: When Sook Jai finally realized she was going to be free, she shed tears from her sad blind eyes. According to The Elephant Nature Park, she quickly adjusted to the new life in freedom. She could get in contact with other animals, including baby elephants, with whom she clearly enjoyed playing with. Now, Sook Jai can finally live her life as an elephant, not a prisoner.

The Park has already provided a sanctuary for dozens of captive elephants who suffered from people’s cruelty. They carry on with their mission to give these wonderful creatures the safe home they deserve.

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