Adorable Golden Retriever Squeezes Out A Tear Of Gratitude, Being Rescued From China's Dog Meat Trade

Date April 20, 2018

Pets are our most veritable friends, and their deep devotedness is always acknowledged by time. Though we enjoy each and other second spent with our companion animals, some people are steel-hearted enough to prescribe them a different destiny.

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While some dogs spend their golden years in a lowing, welcoming environment, others go a different route, being raised on the farms by meat traders.

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How do these pour dogs get there? According to a popular belief, some of them are stolen and caged in malignant conditions, while others enter this world on the farms just for ending up on one's dinner plate. Sounds horrific, but that's a bitter truth existing in no-holds-barred world we live in.

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This beautiful golden retriever, who's believed to be stolen, was saved by the group of volunteers, who decided to pay the dog meat vendor for pet's rescue.

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The group of animal lovers consisted of dozens of people. With joint efforts, they managed to raise £1,612 (14,450 yuan) to free the golden retriever along with around 20 other dogs from the meat trade.

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This miracle rescue happened on April 1 at Kunming's Xiaobanqiao Market. The volunteers were looking for a missing pet, and when they saw one pooch who resembled the missing dog, they set up to rescue him on the spot.

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Having seen many other 'meal dogs' locked in rusty cages, the group decided to buy all the pooches from the vendor and started raising the sum.

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The cost of rescuing the life of poor pooches was £6.6 (60 yuan) per kilogram. After paying the vendor, the group transported the dogs to Kunming's Dongfang Animal Hospital for medical inspection.

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The video with golden retriever tearing up was recorded at the animal hospital. Many people believe the dog was crying to express his gratitude, but the vet's director Wang Zaigao said the optical checkup may be the reason for pup's tears.

Currently, the vet and animal lovers are trying to find foster families for the rescued pooches. According to one of the volunteers Ms. Xu, they've managed to find new homes for 17 dogs.

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It doesn't really matter, whether or not this golden retriever was crying due to the optical ckeckup, as this video teaches us a lesson anyway!

Let's be a little bit more attentive toward what's going on in the world surrounding us. Let's lend a willing hand to all those, who are in trouble. And let's stay kind, keeping the things straight, no matter what happens.

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