An Unusual Occurrence: Woman Pulls Out Live Gator From Her Yoga Pants During A Traffic Stop

Date May 15, 2019

Some situations are downright weird, and no reason can be enough to justify them. This story is a vivid example.

According to NBC News, on May 6 around 3:15 am, deputies from the Charlotte County Sherriff’s Office pulled over a pickup truck. They saw it drive past a stop sign and went after it.

The officers spoke to the 23-year-old driver, Michael Clemons, and a female passenger, Ariel Marchan Le Quire, to inquire why they disobeyed. They explained that they were collecting frogs and snakes and the deputies issued a warning citation.

The officers then asked Michael and Ariel to open their backpacks, so that they could be sure they were not collecting any wildlife they weren’t supposed to. What unfolded next shocked not only the deputies but also the world at large.

Ariel opened her backpack, and 41 small turtles were seen. She was then asked if there was anything else they needed to know about, and that was when the 26-year-old woman pulled a gator from her pants!

The alligator was about a foot in length! Can you imagine?

The Florida Fish Wildlife and Conservation Commission were called onto the scene and an investigation commenced. It was revealed that the species of turtle and alligator taken by Ariel and Michael were regulated.

They have both been cited for possessing the creatures, and the reptiles were taken from them and released.

It’s not certain what Michael and Ariel planned on using the creatures for, but that was indeed an interesting discovery to be made at a traffic stop!

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