Cancer-Stricken Dog Is Given Best Weekend Of His Life Before His Family Has Him Put Down

Date July 16, 2019 18:30

Dogs are man's best friend and should be treated that way.

The Rampersad family was devastated when they got the news that their dog, Wilson, had terminal cancer and did not have long to live.

The father of the house, Stephen, and his wife, Christen, had taken the dog to the vet to get him looked at after they noticed his urine was a strange color.

It was then they got the news that their 14-year-old German Pointer mix had cancerous growths in his bladder and stomach.

While speaking to Pensacola News-Journal, Stephen said:

"They said he was in a lot of pain, and he had these giant, cancerous growths in his bladder and stomach. They found them all over his inside."

Although the doctors said they could give the dog drugs to help Wilson's general well-being, the drugs would eventually destroy his liver.

It was a no-win situation so the family decided that the kind thing would be to put the dog down and chose the following Monday as the date.

Although they were heartbroken, the family vowed that Wilson's final weekend would be his best yet. Their lovely Wilson would not be alone through it all.

Stephen Rampersad, a firefighter and part-time landscape maintenance director, first had a family outing with Wilson to a boat launch at the local beach.

The family had fun with Wilson at the beach as the dog had a rare opportunity to play in the water. The furry animal also enjoyed several car rides and a trip to the park over the weekend.

On Sunday, when Stephen had to work his shift at the Milton Fire Department, Wilson came out with him and the family tagged along.

On the morning of Wilson's final day, Stephen planned to take him to the beach and take pictures of his last moments.

However, they never made it to the beach as Stephen got called in for a landscaping job. He did not accept the offer until they said he could bring Wilson.

The meeting was at Shaggy's, a restaurant on Pensacola Beach, and when Stephen explained about Wilson's condition, the staff went all out to pamper him.

First, they gave him a large serving of ice cream, then came a big, juicy cheeseburger with all the fixings. Wilson spent his last moments surrounded by his family: Stephen, Christen and their two Childen, Jonah and Noah.

Stephen revealed that, although it would be difficult living without Wilson by his side, he finds comfort in the fact that his last days on earth were memorable. There is no better way to send off a man's best friend.

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