Beautiful Reunion Between Retired Military Dog And Handler After A Year Apart Tugs At Many Hearts


January 11, 2019 17:58 By Mambee

Many might not realize it, but military dogs give a lot in their service to countries.

They might not leave family behind, in the literal sense, but they work tirelessly like their human counterparts, sacrificing so much as to get injured or even perish in the field.

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Therefore, they deserve all the appreciation and recognition they can get.

Owing to this fact, one retired military dog named Bakk was welcomed back home to a loving family, and it has warmed the hearts of many.

Bakk had served in the United States military for several years but he suffered a torn cruciate ligament, which can be compared to ACL in humans, at the age of 7.

This meant surgery was out of the question, but Technical Sergeant Dustin Cain stepped up to the plate to open up his home to the dog in a bid to adopt him.

However, their story goes way back. The pair had met in South Korea in 2017, at the Osan Airbase.

The military dog handler was assigned to Bakk and they instantly connected.  

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They soon became a team and a support system for each other.

Cain explained that being away from his two sons and wife was hard, notably as he was missing out on their milestones. However, with Bakk, it was easier to cope. He added:

"You don't wanna get super-attached because you know you have to give this dog away, but at the same time it is very hard not to get attached." 

After a year, Cain was transferred to Idaho and got to be with his family, but he pined for his dog. Luckily, when the chance to adopt Bakk came up, he lunged for it.

Humane Society veterinarian Dr. Lesa Staubus picked up the hero from the airport and drove him through San Francisco all the way to Boise, Idaho, where he was to meet his new family.

When Bakk came through the door, he made a beeline for Cain.

Although his excitement was contained due to his military training, the wagging of his tail gave away his joy at being reunited with a longtime friend.

Cain and his family were ecstatic to have the dog, and though the soldier had expressed concerns over how Bakk might comport himself around little children, the dog had no problem getting comfortable with Cain's three-year-old son, Henry.

His wife, Stephanie remarked:

"He is a fluffy dog, and I just want to take him home and love on him on my couch." 

After the years of service and dedication to the country, we think Bakk deserves all the rest and love he can get as he does nothing but lounge and enjoy having a family.

More military dogs should be celebrated in this way!

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