These Ten Gorgeous Maine Coon Cats Have Wowed The Internet With Their Appearance

Date December 13, 2018

Cats are absolutely perfect pets, and one of the most amazing breeds is the Maine Coon cat.  

The Maine Coon cat

Popularly known for their size, these majestic cats are natives of Maine, New England. They date as far back as early 19th century, and weigh between 9-18 pounds.

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Some Maine Coon cats can even weigh as much as 20 pounds! Though their serious looks might make you think otherwise, they are very friendly, especially towards children.

Here is collection of 10 Maine Coon cats that will leave you agape.

Majestic Maine Coon cats on Instagram

1. We have Omar, from Melbourne, Australia: The enormous brown and white colored cat boasts of an Instagram account with over 120,000 followers, and several adorable photos flood its page.


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2. Tailer: Though not so popular as it has a little over 600 followers, Tailer sure loves taking pictures with its owner. His gold eyes are so beautiful!


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3. Blizzard and Mittens: Here we have these adorable Maine Coons. They always keep each other's company. The silver and brown tabbies can’t seem to have enough of each other as their owner never fails to posts videos of them playing.


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4. Tzar: This ginger colored gigantic feline loves enjoying nature as it graces its owner’s account with several outdoor photos.


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5. Boi is a big boy indeed!  He is white in color and has such bright yellow eyes that will have you hooked.

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6. Filou. The Maine Coon from Switzerland is a five-year-old black and white cat that dazzles the internet with its beauty. Despite his fierce outlook, Filou enjoys taking new photos everyday, as suggested in its bio.


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7. Gnocchi is proof that Maine Coons can look adorable too! As seen in all its photos, Gnocchi looks as gentle and lovable as his handle suggests.


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8. Maysie: This cat from the Netherlands has the most captivating eyes. Their striking golden-brown and its black fur that makes Maysie stand out. It also has a sibling.


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9. Dex, another ginger goodness, is Maysie's brothr and he loves taking pictures with his sister.   


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10. Saroo: This Maine Coon oozes absolute confidence! Hailing from Belgium, the feline boasts of 976 followers on Instagram.


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Taking care of your Maine Coon cat

We are going to look at four main aspects of caring for a Maine Coon cat:

1. How regularly should you take your cat to the vet? If you don't have a particularly sick cat, a couple times a year will be fine.  

2. Maintaining their beauty: A Maine Coon's coat is one of their most attractive features. Brushing it regularly (up to three times a week) is very important to avoid gastric problems.


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3. Bathing: A Maine Coon cat absolutely loves water! With the right temperature, between 36° C -38° C, you should have no problem getting them clean.  

4.  Feeding: Very important! Though they love eating, you shouldn't overfeed them because they are very lazy. Provide them a balanced high-quality diet to avoid obesity.

These adorable creatures provide the best company, would you get one?

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