Furry Hero To The Rescue: Police Dog Finds Two Children Lost In The Woods In Less Than 15 Minutes

Date March 28, 2019

Dogs are wonderful creatures. They serve as perfect companions, friends, and cops - when they are appropriately trained. In Powhatan, Virginia, a police dog helped solve a missing children case in less than an hour.

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Two eight-year-old kids had gone missing while they were trying to find their way home after playing a chase game in the woods, as reported by WRIC.  It was getting late, and the light was fading.

While speaking to the agency, one of the children, Chloe Reese, said:

“So like we forgot which path we went down, so we're like going through different paths trying to find the way back to our house."

Furry Hero To The Rescue: Police Dog Finds Two Children Lost In The Woods In Less Than 15 MinutesHorizonman /

The darker it got, the more their parents got worried, so they decided to report to the local sheriff's office.

The sheriff office took their 4-year old dog, Bane, to search the house. As he was set free into the woods, super Bane tracked and located the kids within 15 minutes.

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The children were then returned home safely, and K-9 Bane was ready to serve again!

The sheriff’s office said that, while maintaining the K-9 program is expensive, incidents like this are why the sheriff keeps the program going strong. The department took to Facebook to shower praise on the four-legged hero.

We’re so glad the two children were found and returned to their families safe and sound. We do hope they’re more careful in the future!  

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